Keeping Your Clients Mission Moving Forward During Weather Disruptions

No snowUnplanned disruptions can take a heavy toll if your management is not prepared to guide your project management team. To be prepared, flexible and adapative, at DPI we have developed Standard Operating Procedures SOPs and have adopted a set of tools that encourage collaboration and productivity, even during the most turbulent weather or disaster events. DPI and our staff’s routines build habits and our enterprise tools have been embraced and adopted by our team for everyday use. As a result, we continuously minimize the effect of disruptions, both small and large. Four key tools our team uses are: Instant Messenger, online meeting applications, cloud based document repositories, and shared task management tools that are derived from MS Project schedules. All of these tools maximize the one key difference in success – Communication! These tools are not taking the place of our interaction with staff, project managers or senior management within the company. As we all know, our work sometimes falls outside of normal business hours and thus developed tools, like IM, have enabled our clients immediate contact, answers to mission critical or sensitive timeframes and allows them to count on us in a 24/7 world.

About DPI

Dynamic Pro, Inc. (DPI) is a consulting firm with a strong focus in management consulting, technology, and business services. We offer a multidisciplinary team that builds relationships, delivers quality services and products while representing the client’s best interest. DPI’s approach addresses the three dimensions of change: People, Process, and Technology. We offer comprehensive approaches in order for clients to adapt and remain flexible to rapid changes in their mission environments.