Washington Exec spotlights DPI and its CEO Andrea Stone

WE-logo-2014Dec 13, 2016 – Washington Exec recently interviewed DPI’s Chief Executive Officer Andrea Stone on the company’s ten year anniversary achievement, the growth of the company and her specific thoughts on federal agencies processes, change management and the continuing changing landscape of needs.  Washington Exec publishes daily and weekly articles on the National Capital Region, which reaches over 10,000 readers to include executives inside the Federal, State & Local as well as Commercial thought leaders.  Ms. Stone spoke to Washington Exec about how she started the company, how the landscape has developed and how DPI is continuing to adapt to every changing environments for their clients, especially upcoming in 2017.

“Just as we’ve built long-term relationships with our customers, our mission continues to be the same –delivering a multidisciplinary approach to helping clients understand what they need to do and what their program mission is, whether it’s a strategic or change management plan or workflow analysis, and really helping customers come up with an operational strategy and then deliver it in a way where they can track performance,” Stone says.

About DPI

Dynamic Pro, Inc. (DPI) is a consulting firm with strong focus in management consulting, technology, and business services. We offer a multidisciplinary team that builds relationships, delivers quality products, and represents the client’s best interest. DPI’s approach addresses the three dimensions of change: People, Process, and Technology. We offer a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to help clients adapt to rapid changes in their mission environments. Our approach to program management helps high performing organizations integrate planning, implementation, and control activities.