Workforce Management

The Solution

DPI focused on five components—defining a work breakdown structure to validate alignment between functions and strategic drivers, quantifying the workload, documenting the workforce composition, and conducting benchmarking activities to define a suitable maturity model. DPI also conduced an analysis that identified trends and factors affecting the workforce in the future.

The Benefit

This assessment and analysis helped our client’s leadership better align the organization for productivity, efficiency, and accountability. Specifically, they:

  • Provided a framework to identify future requirements and be proactive in creating a strategy for allocating resources in a manner.
  • Recommended approaches to deal with budget constraints and identify positions and activities that could be considered for scenario planning and a rethinking of operational strategy.
  • Created a foundation for retirement and succession planning by providing an inventory of the division’s demographics and composition of the workforce.
  • Formulated the basis for a recruiting strategy to attract the best-qualified candidates to meet future program and program-support requirements.
  • Defined the bases for a performance management strategy to maximize organizational effectiveness by integrating human capital needs with strategic and operational planning.


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