Office of the Chief Information Officer

Technology Assessments, Programming Planning Budgeting and Execution oversight (PPBE), Program Governance

Change is inevitable in all IT programs. Achieving alignment is not a one-time event occurring at the start of a program, it is an on-going process that is critical throughout an investment’s strategic planning, design, and development, as well as its implementation. Sometimes the change is significant, making on-going alignment even more crucial to successfully driving the promised Return on Investment and ensuring accountability. Ensuring all key stakeholders are involved in key decisions is an essential element to assuring program alignment.


  • Assessed program performance and updated status indicators
  • Performed in-depth schedule, scope, budget, and technical capability reviews
  • Worked stakeholder organizations that must be aligned, to include the strategy organization, business or mission owner of the system, IT, finance, procurement, security, and privacy


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