Change Management

The Solution

A change management framework was defined to cover a wide spectrum of aspects of the implementation, from software testing to policies and procedures. Three work streams concentrated on change management: communications, training, and business process analysis.

Opinion leaders participated in building the communication work stream by helping to identify the key benefits of the new system and communicating them in terms the field employees could relate to. A series of “show and tell” events were scheduled to let field personnel to interact with the hardware and understand how it could work in an operating environment. Close integration with the business process and training work streams were needed to implementation the system successfully.

The Benefit

Providing an opportunity for peer field employees to introduce the benefits of the new system boosted attendance for the “show and tell” demonstrations. Field employees also felt comfortable in expressing their opinions with their peers. This allowed our team to gather constructive criticism for the integrator and improve the system interface and application. Employees were receptive to the wide-reaching communication and actively participated in shaping the solution.


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