Acquisition Support

The Solution

DPI led efforts to recruit a strong project manager with experience in the industry and in coordinating complex procurements. The reporting structure was arranged to provide the new project manager access to a manager who had successfully run other procurements for the client. Due to the short turnaround time, the schedule was aggressive. The team quickly formulated the statement of work and implemented a stringent review process to expedite this deliverable. A work stream immediately was formed to address concerns expressed by the incumbent’s labor. By the time the contract recompete was announced, a communication plan had been launched to minimize employee disruptions during the evaluation process. Through a series of pre- proposal face-to-face meetings with vendors, managers explained the details of the operation to help offerors craft their proposals. The evaluation process was supported by software that facilitated the scoring process and documented the decision, thus protecting the client in case of protest. The risk management plan allowed managers to identify and avoid risks in a timely fashion.

The Benefit

The detail included in SOW minimized the effort needed to create the contractual documentation, including the formulation of a performance management system to allow incentives based on the contractor’s performance. A tiered structure was created for the technical evaluation committee (TEC) that allowed the participation of more than 20 stakeholders. The software support tool (Decision Lens) allowed the input of all relevant stakeholders without impeding the progress of the TEC meetings. The evaluation was concluded on time, allowing additional time for the review of the cost proposal.

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