Homeland Security and Public Safety

Experience to handle the complexities in developing strategies to safeguard our nation’s physical and virtual infrastructure.



Effectiveness in working in the state, local, private and public sector transportation to support large of infrastructure, finance and portfolio management, and technology programs.


Housing and Urban Development

We facilitate enterprise risk management solutions and accelerate interagency solutions when disaster strikes.


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Business Transformation Services 

Our business transformation services help clients balance transformation efforts by coordinating business process, workforce, and organizational change management with a focus on results.  We offer a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to help clients adapt and proactively respond to rapid changes in their mission environments, leading to more efficient processes, better governance structures, and renewed emphasis on accountability and results.



Mission Support Services

With an increasingly resource constrained environment, organizations must look to achieve efficiencies while controlling costs. DPI helps you optimize your organization through human capital, acquisition support, and financial management services that increase accountability and effectiveness.



Information Management Support

DPI’s information management support covers the strategy elements that guide our client’s organizations including all facets of technology management such as enterprise architecture, data management, requirements management, and cyber security.  Our information management services support senior leadership in implementing business transformation or delivering services that support mission execution. 



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